Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Starbursts candy, Red, pink, and yellow. The wrinkled paper was so much fun :). All the light bouncing around was definitely a challenge, and I don't think I quite did it justice. The red was my favorite, the red gummy bear yesterday was my favorite too. Maybe I should do more red candy... Gouache. 

Dragons and bears

Backgrounds... I've had to repaint the backgrounds for these so many times. Almost more difficult than the actual painting. I think the dragon fruit popped more before I put in the back... I need to work on that.

Dragon fruit. Painting over the dark brown was so difficult. I forgot how much gouache hates being worked.

Gummy bears. More difficult than I expected. Although it was a ton of fun to do transparent stuff.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Past few days

Some stuff from the past few days.

Shell, gouache

Earrings, gouache

I was talking to a friend about shadow shapes and did a quick sketch from an old photo I had. Turns out I kind of like it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Attempt at a story

So... the type of movement for the jellyfish I was using was wrong. I was thinking too much about propelling action... I need to do more research to understand it. But meanwhile I did this. I figured it was about time to think more about the story. I was thinking it could be a smaller jellyfish being blown away by a hotshot heading for the surface, inspiring the smaller jelly to follow out of curiosity. Didn't plan enough though... they don't cut together well. But here they are. I had fun playing photoshop filters and brushes for the background. I might try to do something more with it later.
The larger one blowing our jelly away.

And here is the 'intriguing surface'. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hello maya

Its been a while since I've used maya. First pass using blend shapes... still needs tinkering but I was mainly trying to see if blend shapes or deformers would work better. Now to see if I remember how to work with deformers...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Algae Sea

Probably would have been more efficient to do the sea in after effects, but this helped me learn more about flash. 
Just the shape

The reference I was looking at was orange, and I kind of liked that better. Fixed some of the animation. I put in the organ stuff...

And finally, tentacles.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm working on a short, hopefully. I't more of an exercise to experiment with different styles, but i figured it would be cool if I could make it into a cohesive short film. I'm thinking just a general journey up fueled by curiosity. More on the story later. For now, YAY I learned flash ^_^. At a basic level but still. I missed animating... this is so much fun.

Deeeep, deeeeeeeep dark depths... *spooky music*

And for later, higher waters. This was just a test, but I think I'll try to do something with it. I like how even though it's just a line you can tell it's a jellyfish.

Goodbye Germany

Last of the Germany sketches! I'm back :)

Well, technically these are from Brussels, Belgium. We drove over for a day, I love how close everything is in Europe.

And a quick page from Brussels. Ballpoint pen. I taped a flower petal in the corner (it was red).

We also drove to a place near Munich. Crazy long car ride, but such fluffy clouds :)

My attempt at drawing clouds. Blue color pencil. Next time I think I'll try toned paper with black and white pencils...

One really interesting thing I noticed was all the MU stuff. Seriously, there was more stuff here than in California!

I'm glad I saw it before I left ^_^

And heading home. Frankfurt airpot-

-And Chicago airpot (connecting flight)

The start of the airport sketches (ballpoint pen). Along with a color pencil cup I did on the car ride.

Aaaaaaaaand in the airplane.

I kind of wish I did more paintings while I was there, but I'm happy with the airport sketches (mostly) we got stuck there for a day so I had plenty of time. Germany was great, but now I'm back. And ready to make some art... I'm working on an animation now. Mostly to get the hang of different techniques, but hopefully with a comprehensible story.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Houses houses houses

Since I'm staying with my cousin, it's mostly a residential area. An endless sea of houses... Houses are pretty interesting though.

I like the graffiti though. Its amusing.

Here is some stuff from the last few days
speedpaint gouache 

ballpoint pen


Gouache. This was before I finished the umbrellas, but I kind of like how they look. Kind of transparent or something. Or flooded with bounce light.

Finished version. I tried to put some of the bounce light back in, probably needed to be less yellow.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Arrived in Germany

View form my cousin's kitchen.
Out the window. Gouache.

And on the table. Ballpoint pen.


I went to my cousin's graduation.

And later that night at the dance.

Needless to say I spent a significant amount of time sketching ;)...