Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goodbye Germany

Last of the Germany sketches! I'm back :)

Well, technically these are from Brussels, Belgium. We drove over for a day, I love how close everything is in Europe.

And a quick page from Brussels. Ballpoint pen. I taped a flower petal in the corner (it was red).

We also drove to a place near Munich. Crazy long car ride, but such fluffy clouds :)

My attempt at drawing clouds. Blue color pencil. Next time I think I'll try toned paper with black and white pencils...

One really interesting thing I noticed was all the MU stuff. Seriously, there was more stuff here than in California!

I'm glad I saw it before I left ^_^

And heading home. Frankfurt airpot-

-And Chicago airpot (connecting flight)

The start of the airport sketches (ballpoint pen). Along with a color pencil cup I did on the car ride.

Aaaaaaaaand in the airplane.

I kind of wish I did more paintings while I was there, but I'm happy with the airport sketches (mostly) we got stuck there for a day so I had plenty of time. Germany was great, but now I'm back. And ready to make some art... I'm working on an animation now. Mostly to get the hang of different techniques, but hopefully with a comprehensible story.

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