Thursday, March 31, 2016

New Website

I have a website set up now! Head over to to check out my reel, resume, and other work.

Snow Brawler

For ani 118b, one of the things we are working on is a partnership with UCSC to make video games. I am on a team of about 10 people, making a 3D console first person shooter. That is a snowball fight. As the only 3D group, we had the unique challenge of needing to make our own rigs. I volunteered to tackle that, and learned a lot about the inner working of maya and unreal as a result. It's still in progress, but we had an art update a week ago, and we collected all the assets to present to the directors of our programs. Character model was done by Christian Castro, character textures by Carly Hudson, and I rigged the characters with some help from Brian Anderson.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Release Your Inner Bubble!

For our 100W class at San Jose State we all made short films! Everyone pitched ideas and we voted for the best. I pitched an advertisement for tapioca milk tea, and was one of three directors picked :D! I got to work with an awesome eight person team comprised of animators, actors, and film students.